Namco’s ‘Tales’ Series to Finally Receive Some US Love?

Namco Bandai’s ‘Tales Of’ RPG series hasn’t always achieved stellar sales in the US and EU, however that never kept it from developing a decent fan-following. PlayStation 3 fans have been begging NB to localize the Director’s Cut edition of Tales of Vesperia since it was announced last year in Japan, but their words have fallen on deaf ears. With THREE brand new entries in the ‘Tales Of’ series recently being announced (In Japan), the PlayStation brand is receiving plenty of ‘Tales Of’ Love (In Japan). If a comment recently by made Namco Bandai holds any truth though, it seems fans of the series could be in luck.

What made Namco Bandai finally comment on the subject of the lack of recent ‘Tales Of’ games arriving in the US? Because you, the fans, relentlessly hammered them with comments asking about it! Score one for us gamers!! How bad did it get? They actually disabled comments on their sociable media pages! Great job everyone! An official comment was posted on their official Facebook page and went something like this..

Firstly, thank you all for your excitement around the series. We also love the series here at Namco of America and are working with our Japan counterparts to determine if we’ll see US releases for these games. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have any plans to bring Tales of Graces to the US. If this changes, we’ll let you know as soon as we can!

So maybe, just maybe..if we all wish and pray enough about it, us RPG fans could be playing Tales of Vesperia the way Namco Bandai intended it to be and not the beta version that the distinguished competition played. As always, stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for all of your RPG gaming news and needs.