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BackBreaker Sacks The Competition With an All-Pro Update

August 3, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

EA’s Madden NFL rules the world of Football gaming with a mighty grip. Early this summer NaturalMotion Games attempted to challenge the Madden Empire but fell short of greatness. Don’t get us wrong, our very own Joseph ‘The Coach’ Peterson gave the game an above-average score in his review. Too bad other reviews weren’t as forgiving as us, as the game was hammered by many. However, those that played it couldn’t deny the potential the series has. Like any good sports team that’s aiming for the Championship, NaturalMotion has taken fan-feedback and has produced one hell of an attempt at giving their game an All-Pro Update with a mammoth patch that will take to the digital field soon!

Todd Gibbs, Head of Game Development, NaturalMotion Games spoke about the update and thanked the fans for all their valuable feedback.

“We are lucky to have such a passionate community who have supported us throughout the development of Backbreaker and continue to do so post-launch. Greathouse will give them what they have asked for, packed as it is with additions, changes, tweaks and requests taken directly from our online forums, reviews, as well as from individual players who spent time at our offices testing the latest features. I am extremely proud of what the team has managed to achieve in just a month.”

Now to the…down…set…details for the ‘Greathouse’ update:

  • A brand new replay mode with 7 different camera angles.
  • 100 new plays! 51 on Offense and 59 on Defense! This also includes 9 NEW formations.
  • All-new QB Camera angle and passing system.
  • A user-catch system for catching those bombs to your wideout.
  • You now have control over your defensive player when an interception goes down.
  • Better explanations for when a penalty happens on the field.

Now that BackBreaker has received a ‘break’ in the price, why not give the game a chance after this update hits sometime soon? You could very well become an Ex-Madden fan if this update improves everything NaturalMotion Promises!