First Arkham Asylum 2 Details Coming Next Month

Batman: Arkham Asylum brought the house down when it swooped into the spotlight one year ago.  Developers at Rocksteady Studios managed to deliver a dark visceral experience and brutal gameplay, which the gaming industry lauded with awards and had gamers begging for information on a sequel.  Fans of the Dark Knight need not to wait much longer.

For those of you waiting to get information on this caped crusader’s sequel, you won’t have to hold your breath much longer.  In the October issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, the first screens and content information of Arkham Asylum’s sequel will finally be revealed to the masses when it comes off the press on September 2nd.  UK’s Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) will also be spilling information about the game as well, should a copy of the PlayStation mag be out of your reach.  The OXM current subscription teases:

“No joke: The first details and screens of Rocksteady’s stunning sequel.”

As of now, no new information of the Batman sequel has been publicized by the tight-lipped Rocksteady Studios, so this will definitely be a welcomed treat.  One thing we can suspect, is that the detective vision may sadly be toned down a bit for Bruce Wayne’s next adventure.

Who do you think Batman’s next nemesis will be?  Could it be the elusive Riddler?  Perhaps the pompous  Penguin?

“Tune into us next time – same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!”