A Fourth Batch of Borderlands DLC Could be on the Way

August 7, 2010Written by Adam G

Good news, avid Borderlands adventurers: if those first three downloadable add-ons didn’t quench your loot-’em-up thirst, a fourth expansion may be on the way to settle your stomach. User “Legendrew” from the official Gearbox forums started poking around the 1.3 patch for PC and found a whole host of potential info about the new downloadable missions, including what seem to be new breeds of Claptrap.

Yes, If you thought the regular dancing robots were annoying, just wait until you’re being bandied around in the middle of a ninja Claptrap mosh pit. It seems the story this time around is focused on this rogue ninja Claptrap trying to stop the domestication (or slavery, if you want to be picky) of these ‘wild’ contraptions by gathering up an army and leading a robotic revolution. To aide them, the ninja leader starts re-animating the dead and bolting on Claptrap parts to make them suitable warriors (you could say they’re ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Robots’ in a way.) You’re character has been given the task of stopping these rogue machines, which will apparently be done in nine main missions and a further 12 side missions.

But this is just the bare bones of the information that was posted; Legendrew has managed to dig up pretty much everything on the next expansion, including a full list of the new enemy variants and a transcript of the opening cut scene (so of course, there will be spoilers.) There’s been no word from Gearbox on the announcement of a fourth add-on but I’d imagine this leak will have forced their hand a bit; we’ll keep you posted on any news as we get it. But for now, viva la revolution!