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Peace Walker a ‘Solid’ Boost for Konami’s Profits

August 7, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

The Metal Gear Solid franchise has historically been a major bread-winner, if you will, for both Konami and Kojima Productions. As such, the publisher in the past have opted to license multiple spinoffs, canons, and even the occasional products. After being set free from publishing and platform pressures that comes with a high profile outing such as Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots on the PlayStation 3, series creator, director, and producer Hideo Kojima crafted MGS: Peace Walker for the PSP to represent everything he wanted to put into his masterpiece but could not due to business and demographic reasons. Despite some of the niche additions to the title, the sales formula has not changed for the Big Boss ballad.

The extension of Naked Snake’s tale was not nude when it came to sales figures of the title itself of course but also the growth of the publisher’s revenue. Konami reported that there was a 245% increase in profits in this quarter’s fiscal year when compared to the previous quarter. To get a more intimate glimpse at the significance of the increase, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker sold 1.27 million units boosting its final PSP figures to above 40% on the portable PlayStation platform.

On the Sony side of things, however, it was already confirmed that Peace Walker had boosted PSP sales thanks to the limited edition PSP bundle.  Due to the sales numbers of a PSP game rising over 1 million units sold, it’s no wonder that Kojima is interested in doing a port on the PS3. In any case, it is clear that contrary to Kojima’s wishes, the Metal Gear Solid series is far from over since, even after 23 years, there is still plenty of juice left in the franchise.