PSP Sales Double Thanks to Peace Walker

Excitement for Hideo Kojima’s latest work, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, was at an all-time high, just days before the game’s release last week in Japan. First week game sales were astronomically high–selling a whopping 430,000 units–but sales for Sony’s PSP also saw a significant boost, thanks to the game.

PSP sales (including PSPgo units) for the week ending before the game’s release were at a modest 30,000. However, PSP sales actually doubled the week of the game’s release. That week, retailers sold an astounding 61,200 units. No doubt that this increase can be attributed to the game, which is just the latest in a series that is worshipped in Japan.

While the lucky gamers in the land of the rising sun have gotten to play the game for over a week now, the release for the rest of the world is still a little while away. Will you be purchasing the game? Does the Metal Gear Solid series need to be on a console? Post your responses in the comments section below.