Splinter Cell Trilogy Sneaking On to the PS3?

August 8, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

A lot of PS3 owners felt a bit shafted when Sam Fisher decided he was best fit solely for the 360 with Splinter Cell: Conviction. Well it looks like Sam might just be warming up to our big black box. A listing on Amazon France has Splinter Cell Trilogy releasing November 2nd, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Though we don’t claim to be rocket scientists here at PlayStation LifeStyle, we do think this Trilogy might be something of an HD remake on the first three splinter cell games. While this may not win over everyone still hurting over the lack of Conviction, it could provide a lot of fun for those of us who love a great stealth action game.

Again, no word yet on if this listing was made in error, but once we find out you will be the first to know!