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Empire Crushes The Force Unleashed II for The PSP

August 10, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

When Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II descends upon the million of Star Wars fanboys and girls (I’m serious, it’s the best selling Star Wars game of all time!) on October 26th, it will be unleashing some ‘jedi fury’ upon not only the PS3, but every system currently known to man that can sell a decent amount of copies. Or that was the case, until the Empire has their way. PlayStation Portable fans, you might want to cover your eyes… cause I gotta bad feeling about this!

A LucasArts representative confirmed to IGN (who also broke the news about Haden Blackman’s departure from LA) that Vader and has crew have eradicated the PSP version of TFU II… which makes quite a bit of sense why we haven’t seen any screens of it, now that I think about it.

You’ll still be able to buy it on the iPhone, DS, PS2, and Wii. So for those of you who have yet to graduate to the next-generation of consoles, you can still get your handheld and last-gen on! Hopefully this cancellation is because of a lack of resources and not a sign of things to come for Sony’s PSP.

StarKiller seeks his revenge on October 26th Make sure you check out our review for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II to see if  he achieves his goal and if the team at LucasArts made a sequel worthy of your hard-earned galactic credits!