Modern Warfare 2 Stole Level From Homefront?

In today’s world we see many companies ‘borrow’ ideas from each other, and the gaming industry is no exception. For example when Sony implemented trophies after getting the idea from Microsoft achievements, or how Microsoft copied Nintendo’s Miis avatars. Well it now seems that the well-known Infinity Ward might have nabbed an idea for a level from the Homefront demo presented at E3 2009.

Talking in last months issue of PSM3, Dave Votypka, head of THQ Kaos Studios has a hunch that this renowned and world wide famous shooter has ‘borrowed’ elements from the studios upcoming apocalyptic game. Dave identified exactly which element from their tittle were duplicated in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

“The level in MW where you’re using the laser-pointer to guide the Striker (combat vehicle). We showed that mechanic at last year’s E3, then it was in their game. We were thinking ‘Hmm, where did you get that idea from…’ But, other than that, we think our concept is so unique we don’t really see comparisons with other shooters.”,

Check out the E3 2009 reveal of Homefront below and compare it to Modern Warfare 2‘s mission ‘Exodus’. There is no denying the fact that two levels are distinctively similar.

Nevertheless Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most successful arcade style shooter on the PS3 and whether or not they have ripped of one level from a title that still isn’t on the market won’t change their sales figures or their fan base.