Saints Row 3 to Contend with the King of the Sandbox

Rockstar’s infamous Grand Theft Auto series has remained the king of its genre for over a decade. Surprisingly, only a few titles have attempted to replicate its graphical prowess across a massive open world, one of which is the Saints Row series. Volition Inc. debuted the Saints Row series back in 2006 and garnered a surprising amount of success, and since then it has been confirmed that a third installment to the series will be launching within the next two-years. The question is, does Saints Row 3 have what it takes to challenge one of the best-selling games of all time?

During a recent interview, THQ employee Danny Bilson shed some light on how technologically impressive the upcoming Saints Row 3 will be. Bilson said:

“Quality. Look at the visual quality of Saint’s Row 2. When you see Saints Row 3, it’s the visual quality of the GTA IV universe.”

Although Grand Theft Auto IV is already over two-years old, the graphical quality has aged very well, and animations are still some of the best in gaming industry. Although Saints Row 3 is still over a year away, it’s still one of the better.