Shaun White Transforms a Bleak World in Latest Trailer and Screens

The world is bland and colorless, but a perfectly executed kickflip just might change that.

In the latest trailer for Shaun White Skateboarding, Ubisoft gives you the sense that world is cold, bleak, and lifeless. The color palettes shown are monochrome while the people walk around almost like drones.  No one is fighting over gas, or dog food Mad Max style, but they might as well be.

Everyone seemingly just accepts things as they are — except Shaun White. The trailer starts with Shaun hitting his board, and showing us how to change things.

In a somewhat unique take on skateboarding, the trailer allows you to change the world around you provided you nail the right tricks. Leaving the beaten path, exploring  new areas both above and below the city add to what is a large expansive world.  All the while the actions you take have a direct impact on transforming the world around you.

As you watch the trailer, from time to time you see major changes take place to your environment. Sudden splashes of color and entire changes to objects are possible as you grow and progress through the game.

With Skate, Tony Hawk, and now Shaun White Skateboarding the skateboard space is getting quite crowded. But if your a fan, you definitely have a lot of choices. If your wondering, no I didn’t cry during the trailer, the rocking sounds of Pete & The Pirates in the trailer instead gave me hope.