More Batman: Arkham City Details Stalk the Night Sky

When Batman: Arkham Asylum released last year, it took the gaming industry by storm, and if it wasn’t for Uncharted 2, it would have easily taken the coveted Game of the Year title. While the game certainly had a ample amount of hype before release, the game surprised all that played it and genuinely blew fans of the Dark Knight away. The award-winning developer behind the bat, RockSteady, aren’t resting on their laurels with Batman: Arkham City and aim to top the feats of the first game in every aspect. Plenty of bat-tastic details have escaped the Asylum and you’d be insane if you didn’t want to know what they are.

Details come from a new website dedicated to Batman: Arkham City who claim the info comes from the latest issue of GameInformer:

  • Remember Quincy Sharp from the first game? Yeah..he kind of took ALL the credit for ‘saving’ Arkham Asylum in the first game and is now the MAYOR of Gotham!
  • After deciding that BlackGate and Arkham Asylum can’t get the job down, Quincy buys a part of the slums, walls it off, and calls it..Arkham City.
  • Hugo Strange is da’ boss of Arkham City and anyone that tries to find any information about him doesn’t do so far long..
  • A year after Arkham City has been around, Two-Face is admitted and realizes he has to show what he is made of…so he decides to capture Catwoman and is going to publicly execute her to gain that power.
  • Many considered Arkham Asylum to be one of the most detailed settings in all of next-gen gaming and the team at RockSteady aims to do the same with Arkham City.
  • Gangs have formed and now control different sections of the city.
  • The Riddler maps have been replaced with ‘interrogation’ sequences.
  • A majority of the gadgets you had acquired during the first game will be available at the beginning of Batman: AC. The team at Game Informer saw Batman use the explosive gel on a bad guy..DURING battle!
  • Zsasz returns, as many characters have their own individual side quest you can pursue.
  • Want to hear Batman talk some more?? You can now taunt your enemies during battle.
  • Harley Quinn has decided her sexy nurse outfit just wasn’t getting her the attention she needed. She is now decked-out in black and red pants, along with a matching mid-riff top, and a Joker tattoo on her hip which is just above her waistband.
  • Multiplayer? In Batman: AC? RockSteady won’t say!!
  • Oracle is missing…for now. Alfred is your correspondent when the game begins.
  • One of the first new gadgets have been revealed. The ‘Broadcast Analyzer’ helps Batman listen to the GCDP and various other agencies radio broadcast. Batman was attempting to discover a message his good friend Joker left him. How sweet!

As you can tell by these details, RockSteady is ready to rock Batman fan’s worlds again with Batman: Arkham City, Fall 2011.

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