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batman court of owls game

Fan Art Fuels More Batman: Court of Owls Game Speculation

Beware the Court of Owls.

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection Cleans Up Nicely

Suits and stealth in 4K.

Mortal Kombat 11 Cover

Mortal Kombat 11 Cover Features a Beloved Character

Get over here!

mortal kombat 11 reveal event

Mortal Kombat 11 Reveal Event Will Showcase Its Characters, Story, and Gameplay

It’ll be interesting to see how character reveals roll out between now and release.

hitman hd enhanced collection

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection Brings Blood Money and Absolution to PS4 and Xbox One

Finally, these two titles will come to modern consoles.

hitman 2 holiday hoarders

Get Festive in the Free Hitman 2 Holiday Hoarders Event

Santa 47 is here to spread holiday cheer!

spawn mortal kombat

Todd McFarlane Believes Spawn Could Be ‘On His Way’ to Mortal Kombat 11

Could Spawn be announced at the January 2019 event?

Hitman 2 Update

Hitman 2 December Updates Include a Holiday Surprise

Plus community-made content, a new elusive target, and much more.

mortal kombat 11 custom character

Mortal Kombat 11’s Custom Character Variation System Will Give Players Creative Control

More details should surface during the January 2019 event.

lego dc super villains aquaman dlc

Play as Jason Momoa’s Aquaman in LEGO DC Super-Villains DLC Very Soon

Just in time for the release of Aquaman’s solo film.

rocksteady superman game

Yet Another Rumor Suggests Rocksteady Is Developing a Superman Game

Could it be set in the Arkhamverse?

the lego movie 2 video game

Build Something With The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame in 2019

Everything is still awesome.

batman arkham collection

Could a Batman: Arkham Collection be Releasing this Week?

Still no love for Arkham Origins.

hitman 2 elusive target

Twitter Suspended Hitman 2 Player for Saying He’ll Kill Elusive Target, Sean Bean

Context is important, folks!

hitman 2 elusive target

Learn Some of the Many Ways to Eliminate Sean Bean in Hitman 2

Remember, you only get one shot to kill “The Undying.”

mortal kombat 11 confirmed

Rumor: Spanish Voice Actor May Have Confirmed a New Mortal Kombat Project

It certainly seems we’re overdue for an official announcement.

hitman 2 sean bean

IO Reminds Hitman 2 Players That They Have One Shot to Kill Sean Bean

The window of opportunity is small.

hitman 2 ps4 review

Hitman 2 Review – Assassin’s Playground (PS4)

Agent 47 is ready to kill again. Are you?

hitman 2 gameplay launch trailer

Agent 47 Pledges to Finish What He Started in Hitman 2’s Gameplay Launch Trailer

Agent 47 at his finest?

hitman absolution ps4

Could European Ratings Suggest 2 Classic Hitman Games Are Bound for the PS4?

Agent 47 lives on.