thatgamecompany and Sony: A Perfect Match

August 12, 2010Written by Josh Fernandes

thatgamecompany has become a well known game developer thanks to their PSN exclusive games flOw and Flower. With each game’s focus on soothing, simple gameplay and unique visual styles, thatgamecompany has secured a strong fan base, who eagerly await the talented developer’s next game, Journey. thatgamecompany owes their rise to fame in part to Sony and the PlayStation 3, and the developer is happy to report that their relationship with Sony is like a beautiful flower in full bloom.

In a recent interview, Jenova Chen, creative director of thatgamecompany, discussed his experience working with Sony and the PlayStation Network:

“I can say that I truly believe that this team shares a similar vision with us. We both want to make great videogames for a maturing gaming market and make videogames a mature medium for everyone. From their support for artistic game studios such as Team ICO and Quantic Dreams, to their dedication with highly polished blockbuster franchises such as the God of War and Uncharted, they are always looking for excellence in entertainment.”

Chen continues, that without Sony’s support, their games wouldn’t have come to light:

“Even on the smaller scale, you can find their unique taste through the PSN library. Without Sony’s trust and support over the past four years there wouldn’t be flOw, Flower, or Journey.”

Journey is set to release exclusively on PlayStation Network sometime in 2011 and will feature the same artistic emphasis that fans have grown to love. Although Journey is the last title in a 3-game contract with Sony, if the company feels as strongly towards Sony as Chen, then hopefully it wont be the last Journey thatgamecompany takes on the PSN.