PS3 Quad Charger Docked For Discount – $7.99

Nobody every wants to have their kill counts thwarted by a dead battery in their controller.  There are many preventative measures that can stop that from happening, but some of those accessories can put your wallet at risk.  As usual, we are always looking out for deals to help your penny pinching schemes. This latest deal will be sure to leave you with no excuses for dead controller.

This latest deal comes from online retailer,, where they are offering a quad charger for $7.99 with FREE shipping, to ensure that your batteries are topped off around the clock.  Just like the dual charger that we once found, this controller docking station doesn’t have name brand markings on the outside, but is listing the manufacturer as “Sakar.”  Sakar appears to be an online supplier of various technology equipment based on their website information. Based on the similar features and design, it appears that the they may be the same company that built the dually charger as well.

Having experienced the dual charger first-hand, I can say that these chargers do exactly as advertised – keeping your controllers juiced and ready to go.   At $7.99, this deal should be a no brainer.  Head on over to and end your dead controller woes today!