Dual-Docking Charger for DualShock 3: FREE With $5 Shipping

Another deal has surfaced to pamper your DualShock 3 controllers.  And if you missed the last one, you may not want to wait as this deal won’t last last forever.

Compliments of Ben’s Outlet, they are practically giving away a dual charging station to re-juice up to two PS3 controllers at the same time.  The only thing that you need to cover is shipping and handling for $5 bucks. Not too shabby.

The last time we noticed a deal for the same charger (now expired), I managed to pick one up and have made it a new home for my controllers.  So as a quick review, the charger does exactly as advertised and keeps your controllers at the ready, while helping you maintain your pride on a tidy gaming environment.

Hurry on over to Ben’s Outlet, before you miss out on your chance again!