PlayStation Plus to Give Early Access to Lara Croft

August 14, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

PlayStation Plus released almost two months ago and subscribers have already experienced some great content including WipEout HD and Qore for free. While the free content has been great, the early-access is another included benefit that hasn’t been fully explored yet. Thankfully, Sony has many more plans to deliver early-access to subscribers.

The PlayStation Blog has announced that the PS-One classic Tomb Raider will be hitting the PlayStation Store in just over two-weeks from now. As a bonus to PlayStation Plus members, subscribers will have access to Tomb Raider two-weeks prior to release, which is only days away.

PlayStation Plus members had early access to Pixel Junk Racers 2nd Lap not long ago so this isn’t the first time Sony has surprised subscribers. With beta access and more still on the horizon, PlayStation Plus is shaping up to be a cost-effective and noteworthy service for PlayStation 3 owners.