Castle Crashers Won’t Crash Your Wallet

The PlayStation 3 version of Castle Crashers has been a long-time coming. Many have awaited the title eagerly since the PS3 version was announced roughly a year ago. While a release date is still up in the air, The Behemoth has clarified what price range the title will debut with.

The Behemoth, the company behind the Xbox Live favorite Castle Crashers, has announced the pricing for the upcoming PS3 edition. The following was posted on The Behemoth’s official blog:

“For people on a continent whose last name is “America,” the price will be as close as we can get it to $15. Maybe $14.99. Maybe $15.01. Somewhere right around there.”

Castle Crashers is still set for a 2010 release but the date is uncertain at this point. Thankfully, the game will be fully playable at Penny Arcade Expo next month and a release should follow suit.