Front Mission 3 Deploying Wanzers to PSN

August 17, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

With Front Mission Evolved releasing soon and bringing the series into the action genre for the very first time, Square Enix has decided to show PlayStation owners just what the series used to be. What better way to do that then to release Front Mission 3, a game originally released on the PSOne in 1999, for download on the PS3 and PSP.

Front Mission 3 is a sci-fi strategy RPG where players take part in battles using battle mechs called Wanzers. No word has released yet on pricing or a release date, but Square’s Larry Sparks had this to say.

“With the forthcoming release of Front Mission Evolved, the Front Mission series is back with a bang. Before the evolution of the series, we think it’s the perfect time to revisit a previous classic instalment with Front Mission 3. We’re very pleased to be able to bring this compelling title to the PlayStation Network.”

With over a 150 hours of gameplay packed into 2 campaigns, this is a great purchase for any Strategy RPG fan looking for a visit to the past.