PS3 May Have Finally Been Hacked

The PlayStation 3 has had a history of eluding hackers since its inception, with the notable exception of a hacker known by the alias of “Geohot.” But a recent development may indicate that the console has been hacked to enable playing full retail games off of an external hard drive.

Website “OzModChips” has a new item called the “PS Jailbreak,” seemingly playing on the “jailbreak” software available for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. Costing a hefty $170 USD, the main component of this supposed hack is a USB dongle. With this hardware, users can purportedly copy games from a Blu-Ray disc to an external hard drive (or if needed, to the internal drive of the console) and play them from there. This results in faster loading times for disc-based games, but also opens the door to piracy. There is no guarantee on the product’s website of this solution working in the future, but it is confirmed to work with the latest firmware (3.41 as of this writing) and many games (150 tested thus far). Sony may be able to block this “hack” in a future firmware update, so perhaps your $170 may be better spent elsewhere. Stay connected with PSLS for more on this story as it develops.