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PSP Successor Rumored to have been Shown to Publishers

August 19, 2010Written by Adam G

The PSP2 has been a long time coming, with speculation on this as of yet unannounced handheld having started as early as 2008. Since then, fans of Sony’s multimedia device have been given a slightly less weighty, more compact iteration of the PSP and a version which sported a complete aesthetic overhaul with some features like the UMD drive and mini USB port left on the cutting room floor. But that’s just the first PSP that has received those aesthetic changes, so what changes are coming when the PSP2 finally is revealed?

Eurogamer are reporting that the next product in the PSP lineup has been demonstrated to publishers, with Sony using a selection of their first party games to showcase the device. Some of the rumored features are that it is about the size of a PSP 3000 and will have touch controls “on the reverse of the unit”. Sounds strange doesn’t it? The PSP isn’t exactly renowned for its ergonomics, a touch pad on its underbelly doesn’t sound like it will help the ‘comfort-factor’ much.

There are some mixed opinions about when publishers expect the device to hit the market. One source thinks that we could have it in our hands by the end of 2011 whilst another source thinks that we won’t be seeing it for another couple of years. Either way, it seems that with the PSP2, Sony are hoping to usher in a brand new era of fondling with our games.

After talk of a PSP-like gaming tablet, a more recent rumor of a Sony Ericsson branded PSP cell-phone, and now this – it’s less clear than ever as to what the successor to Sony’s PSP might look like and feature.