Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 Cover Will As Colorful as WWE Character

August 19, 2010Written by Joseph Peterson

THQ releases a new Smackdown vs. Raw title every year for wrestling fans. This year’s installment marks the 12th entry in the series from Yuke’s and THQ. With the release date drawing near, the cover has been revealed and with it, it seems as if THQ is trying something different this year.

One thing that will be different this year is there seems to be a variety of covers available to users. This is a quote from CVG:

“The game will be available with a number of different covers and will features John Cena, Undertaker, Randy Orton, Big Show, The Miz and Sheamus.”

Also Danny Bilson of THQ had this to say on the choices for the cover.

“John Cena, Undertaker, Randy Orton, Big Show, The Miz and Sheamus are incredibly talented WWE Superstars who took part in some of the biggest moments ever witnessed in WWE,”

Um… we’re not sure if Danny Bilson is actually a fan of wrestling himself, as that above quote really only applies to Undertaker and John Cena. Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 will be available this coming October, and will feature a number of upgrades including a revamped physics system. How many wrestling fans plan on picking up this year’s title?