PSLS Explores Gamescom in PlayStation Home

This past Thursday, Sony went ahead and made the epic decision to not only share their recently released Gamescom space with all European Home users, but North American Home users as well! We decided to head on over to this new space to check it out and see if it lived up to the bill, in addition to snapping a boatload of in-Home photos for everyone to check out.

Upon entering Home’s Gamescom inspired space, simply entitled ‘The Gallery’, the first thing most will notice is the exceptional modern design and and PlayStation themed items throughout. Whether it be the entrance, which is flooded with familiar PlayStation controller logos, or the gigantic PlayStation Move controllers found all around, this space is mighty pretty. There’s also a very short trailer from Gamescon playing in the center of the room, but nothing worth seeing, really. Next comes the space’s music, which conveys an overall “techie”, yet calming theme, with the second tune made up from a slowed down, slightly remixed version of the music heard in Home’s bowling alley, which is quite a soothing treat for the ears.

Then we have, more than likely, the main reason that many of you will choose to visit this space… the goodies and the rewards, of course! There are two main rooms on either end of the space itself, both of which feature PlayStation Move inspired artwork along with a group mini-game entitled ‘Reel of Fortune’, which requires four players in order to begin. Once started, a trailer for a particular Sony title from Gamescom comes up for a few seconds, then it’s each of the player’s jobs to stop a spinning roulette wheel, of sorts, in order to correctly identify the game which was just shown. All players must answer correctly, however everyone gets up to three chances, so it’s not really all that difficult.

Upon successful completion of Reel of Fortune, each player earns a picture frame related to the trailer which was just shown, with eight trailers in all, each with corresponding rewards. The following winnable items are as follows:

Note that these aren’t the same picture frames which display images from your HDD, but rather pieces of art with glass covers to hang around your personal space. One cool thing is that the Infamous 2 framed picture actually shows the first “new” Cole, as opposed second “new” Cole, but that’s pretty much it concerning free items in the space. There is, of course, a commerce point to purchase furniture items found within the space like rugs and couches, although one interesting inclusion was the PlayStation Move motion controller for $.99, which was initially a free obtainable item, given away during E3 2010 in the E3 event space.

So, that’s pretty much all there is to know about the all-new Gamescom space within PlayStation Home. Be sure to stop on by and take a look around, as this space is quite impressive, at least from a design standpoint. For those of you who may not have access to your PlayStation 3 or Home at the moment, we’ve gone ahead and included tons of pics from our visit yesterday, which you can view below.

For all the latest Gamescom news, in addition to all the Home goodness you can handle, be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle!