The Shoot Targets Move Customers With New Trailer

With the PlayStation Move’s release date less than a month away, people are starting to wonder if the game titles released for the Move will be worth the investment.  If you’re finding yourself in that crowd, The Shoot is looking to put your attention in it’s cross-hairs.

In The Shoot’s newest trailer, it really opens up the doors on more game mechanics that you can experience when testing your reflexes with the PS Move.  This aim-and-shoot game will also be featuring a cover system for you to take breather should you need a breather if the heat gets a little intense. And if you think this game only has you performing simple point and shoot mechanics, think again.  You’ll also get to perform special power up moves with specific motions to give you the upper-hand and tame the situation.  Perhaps this latest trailer may have you consider adding the PS Move to your gun collection.