Portal 2 May get Cross Platform Gameplay

August 23, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

At E3 Gabe Newell unexpectedly showed up at Sony’s press conference and announced that Portal 2 would be coming to the PS3. He also stated that the PS3 would be the best console version of the game. Well, if you watched GTTV on Friday night then you may have heard Valve give a reason why this is true.

During Friday night’s GTTV, Erik Johnson, Product Manager for Valve, was doing an interview about Portal 2. When asked about the possibility of there being cross platform play between the PC and PS3 he had this to say:

“We would like to do that, absolutely. It’s something that we definitely want to do.”

Now don’t take this as any kind of confirmation, but this is just one more thing that if true really shows why Portal 2 on the PS3 will be the definitive version. Look for even more information as the February release date gets closer.