x3JAILBREAK…Wait, What? Hackers Pirate the PSJailbreak

August 23, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

I’m 100% for protecting your investment — As a developer, you should have the right  to be compensated for your time, energy and effort. If your intellectual property is stolen, you should take action. But if your intellectual property arguably isn’t yours to begin with, and your product can potentially hurt other developers, when you complain is anyone going to listen?

The PS Jailbreak team has a statement on their site they want you to pay attention to:

“Beware of imitators and chinese knockoffs. PS Jailbreak is the original solution. Buy original for warranty and support. Make sure you retailer has an authorized logo”

In an Alanis Morissette “Isn’t it ironic” sort of way they now find themselves on the receiving end of a form of piracy: their product is cloned. Internet reports are stating that the product has sold out —  The demand for PS Jailbreak is high – It’s going to be short lived unfortunately. x3JAILBREAK is already touting its arrival. If you believe IRC reports from people who emailed the company, then believe you will be paying $20-40 each when it arrives.

If PS Jailbreak didn’t understand what “All your base are belong to us” meant, I think they do now.