Sony Can Detect Your PSJailbreak, Bans to Follow

August 24, 2010Written by Max Murray

Amidst the onslaught of hype and debate over the recently emerged PSJailbreak, an air of finality has come down on the situation,  reminiscent to the strength of any good Banhammer out there. If you’re thinking about making the poor decision and dishing out some cashmoney (or pirating it) to support Sony’s latest headache, then you might want to also prepare to face the powers-that-be when they come down on you full forced.

Sources say Sony will be able to identify games that have been pirated and backed up on multiple PS3’s while using the PSJailbreak dongle.

“The Backup manager game ID could be logged/recorded by Sony when logged into PSN (when online). This would obviously allow Sony to see who would be using the illegal PSjb/clone and we could very well see ban waves similar to the Xbox 360.”

Oddly enough, this warning on the use of illegal devices/means and their repercussions was released by one of the more prominent PlayStation hacking sites.

Regardless, we’re not surprised there are preventive measures in place to track actions like these. Given the history Microsoft has faced with modded consoles and hacked accounts, Sony may follow suit and dish out similar parental-style punishments. These have ranged from resetting Gamer scores (Trophy levels), to bans on online servers, and even in some severe instances, deleting/banning gamertags. Certainly, Sony was able to save resources in the past by not having to chase and punish foolish folk hellbent on exploiting flaws, but now,  as more people begin molesting the firmware for personal, selfish reasons, we will see less attention to perfecting features already in place, but rather spent entirely on improving security.

Can’t we all just play nice?