Time Crisis: Razing Storm PS3 Exclusive Due to the Kinect

Time Crisis: Razing Storm is the latest entry in the long-running on-rails shooter series of games. At the recent gamescom convention, developer Namco Bandai essentially stated that the Kinect’s lack of a true controller is the reason for the game only launching on the PlayStation 3.

In speaking with gamingunion, Producer Norihiro Nishimura explained that Namco considered the pros and cons of both the PlayStation Move and 360 Kinect, and ultimately decided the Move was a better fit for the game:

“One of the reasons [the PS Move was chosen] was it’s easier to play this type of game with an accessory than it is with Kinect.”

So it has become apparent that shooters will be quite tough to develop for play on the Kinect system, and obviously more natural with the PS Move. Will shooters be one of the killer apps for the Move, and will the lack of any sort of real accessory for the Kinect spell its downfall? Where do you see the future of motion control going? Let us know in the comments below, or better yet shoot us an email to either the Community Mailbox or our new Cross Game Chat podcast. Time Crisis: Razing Storm is due to launch this September in North America and October in Japan.