MAG To Get Even More Massive

August 26, 2010Written by Joseph Peterson

For those that were worried, Zipper Interactive is definitely still supporting the online only game MAG. Many users feared that since Zipper was announced as the SOCOM 4 developer that MAG may be left in the dust, but that is anything but the case. The MAG universe is still going strong as ever, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon for the PlayStation 3 exclusive. Zipper is even finally delivering something that players have been asking for since the launch of the game.

The feature being referred to is of course the ability to have more than one character slot, when previously users had to completely leave a faction. While the slots will cost players, many will be willing to pay for this ability. Here is what the MAG Blog had to say:

“From August 31 onwards, two additional slots will appear on the character log-in screen with links to the PlayStation Store. For $0.99 per additional slot, you can click the space of your choice and unlock the extra character.

Your new subscription will last for 30 days from the day you purchased it, giving you a full month to try out your extra warrior. And don’t worry if you don’t renew one month, and decide to come back later – even if you don’t use your additional characters from month to month, he is never actually deleted – just asleep until you come back to claim him again in a future subscription.”

How many of you plan on trying this new feature out, and is this how you wanted to see it implemented?