Modern Warfare 2 Player Sets His Sights on Peace

So you’ve hit prestige on Modern Warfare, right? You sport the highest kill streak among all those on your friends list, easily earned the highest titles, and filled your trophy collection with the same amount of effort as reciting “Murder She Wrote” passages to your grandma. You think you’re hard? Then do it again… without killing anyone.

In what is easily the most ironic quest of the month, one player has decided to test his shooter skills by not shooting anyone. Glen McCracken, a man who is no stranger to Modern Warfare 2, wants to reach level 70 again, but this time with a kill count of zero.

“I’ve already hit Prestige five times. I thought it would be something interesting to do,”

“It definitely gives you a different perspective on the game, and it’s fun and challenging.”

But how is this possible? After all, Modern Warfare is a shooting game, that rewards you for shooting. How is someone supposed to hit the highest rank in a game that rewards its players for kill streaks and multi-kills? His strategy, as he says, is all about the riot shield and blowing up killstreaks with rockets. He can also rack up the exp in Domination matches when he is able to secure flags.

Currently, Glen is at Level 11, sporting 0 kills and only 272 deaths.

“Things have picked up a bit since I can get challenge points,” comments Glen. “In an average Demolition game I get about 1,000 XP and 15 deaths.”

Flash grenades were originally incorporated into his arsenal or safe weaponry, but it seems they might have been given the axe recently.

“I have decided not to use special grenades; they’re too risky. I’ve also decided to play Headquarters and Capture the Flag when I unlock them.”

It’s an interesting, almost poetic, stand that this one brave man has decided to take against the growing violent trends aimed towards our innocent, beloved youth: Peace, not War[fare].

Wait… no. Sorry, this sounds more like another guy just getting bored with how great he is.

Want to help him out? Glen plays under the name Mr_No_Kills on the PSN. Get out there and give that man some cover, soldier!