Call of Duty Black Ops Out-Gun Past COD Titles

If there is one fact that rings true for the Call of Duty franchise, it’s that those titles are made to break records.  Hype for the FPS series has taken off since the establishment of the first Modern Warfare title in 2007.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 destroyed sales record for distributing about 4.7 million copies in the US and UK within the first 24 hours.  Now brace yourself for Black Ops – the anticipation has brought on yet another record.

Even though the next installment just months away, we learned not too long ago that Call of Duty Black Ops had out performed Modern Warfare 2’s pre-order.  Now, Treyarch’s FPS title has grown into a sales monster by out-pacing all Call of Duty pre-orders to date.  Treyarch’s Josh Olin, celebrated it’s victory on a recent tweet:

“This just in: #CODBlackOps pre-orders are out-pacing all other COD pre-orders to date. Thanks all for your support!”

It’s rather apparent that ever since the announcement of Black Ops at E3, Treyarch’s up-and-coming shooter is quickly taking the lead to be one of the best sellers this holiday season, which is great news Treyarch.  For quite some time, Treyarch has been struggling to make its mark in the COD franchise while living in the shadow of Infinity Ward.  Only after Call of Duty 5: World at War, did Treyarch finally capture the attention and respect of gamers.  And now with Black Ops around the corner, it seems Treyarch is finally managing to break away from the competition – and in strides.

If you haven’t done so yet, there is still time to get your pre-order in for Black Ops!  And while you’re waiting, check out PlayStation Lifestyle’s coverage on the game until Black Ops goes undercover this November 9th.