24 Caret Games is Bringing Retro Back to Penny Arcade Expo

August 30, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Retro/Grade is a unique sci-fi rhythm game that was announced over a year ago by 24 Caret Games. Many have been waiting patiently for the title but the release date seems to move farther and farther away. However, those who wish to play the game before it comes out have the opportunity to do so in less than a week.

Matt Gilgenbach, co-founder of 24 Caret Games, has announced that the upcoming Retro/Grade PSN title will be playable at PAX. Those who take the time to play this extremely colorful and reflex-inducing title will have a chance to receive posters or even a Retro/Grade t-shirt. In addition, the players who manage to land on the top five score list for either the guitar controller or DualShock 3 will be featured in the credits when the game lands on the PS Store sometime next year.

Penny Arcade Expo will run from September 3rd to September 5th. To tie you over until the event, there are a couple screenshots below for your viewing pleasure.