PS3 Exclusive Rhythmic Shooter Retro/Grade Releases For PSN On August 21st

Rhythm-based shooting with a twist is coming next month to PSN as Retro/Grade will finally be coming to PS3 after a long wait since its 2009 debut.

On the PS Blog, 24 Caret Games co-founder Matt Gilgenbach announced that his PS3 exclusive PSN title Retro/Grade has been completed and will release on August 21st, with pricing details to be released later. The game was announced as being part of the European PlayStation Plus Presents program, which allows subscribers to receive a select indie title for free for a period of eight weeks after release.

The title is a rhythm-based, side-scrolling shoot ’em up with a reverse flow of time. Players will be tasked with undoing the damage to the space/time continuum caused by the attacks that prevented an alien invasion, which has made the flow of time reverse, resulting in the final boss battle beginning the flow’s reversal. To help save the continuum, players need to “un-fire” protagonist Rick Rocket’s shots, which are timed to the beat of the game’s music. While collecting Rick’s “un-fire,” players will have to dodge enemy projectiles as well.

To play, gamers can use a DualShock 3 or a PS3 guitar controller (details on guitar support will be announced later). On a DualShock 3, gamers will use the directional pad to move up and down and use X to “un-fire,” whereas on a guitar, fret buttons move the ship and strumming “un-fires.”

For gamers interested in a challenge, the game has Trophy support, a harder difficulty level, and 130 challenge levels. For those who are interested in the game’s soundtrack, it will be sold on PSN and a discounted bundle that includes the game and the soundtrack will be made available, too.

Finally, Gilgenbach did confirm in the comments that a demo of the game will be released on PSN.

Retro/Grade is offering fairly unique control options its support of both PS3 guitar controllers and the DualShock 3. What controller will you play the game with?