Tomorrow on NA PS Plus: Plants vs. Zombies Free, Retro/Grade for $2.44

The winners of the Gamers’ Choice Awards 2013 and games on sale for the PlayStation Vita’s 1 year anniversary aren’t the only deals you can expect this week on the PlayStation Network. Plants vs. Zombies, a game that is free on iOS right now, will be replacing Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus in the PlayStation Vita’s Instant Game Collection, letting you kill some zombies for free.

Elsewhere, Sony seems to understand that you probably have a plastic guitar or two hanging around, so they’ll be putting Retro/Grade at just $2.44, with the soundtrack going to $1.74. This 2D side-scrolling shooter in reverse has you doing button presses in time with the music, using either a controller or plastic guitar to do so. I won’t go into extreme detail (read our review), but Retro/Grade is a lot of fun, and rhythm game fans should definitely check it out.

Will Plants vs. Zombies make a home on your PS Vita memory card? Let us know in the comments below.


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