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Are You Ready to be a Yakuza?

Monday isn’t my favorite day of the week; and it might not be yours either – there’s still a long week ahead of you, and the glorious weekend is already over. However, on the bright side, 4gamer is giving PSP fans something to ease the Monday blues.

4gamer is giving providing early access to a PSP demo for Black Panther: Yakuza New Chapter — Ahead of an assumed PSN demo. Tatsuya, the game’s main character is yours to control; just as long as you have 200Mb of free space and are running at least firmware 6.31.  The demo allows you to roam Kamurocho, experience fights, and participate in various substories .

If you have the time check it out. Download the demo here by clicking on the pink button halfway through the page — After unzipping the file, you should copy it to the \PSP\Game folder on your Memory Stick. Happy Monday.