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Sony’s PSP Saves the Minds of Chilean Miners

On August 5th, a disaster happened 2,300 feet beneath the surface in a notoriously dangerous copper mine. The mining disaster in Chile has unfortunately trapped 33 men in the depths of the Earth. While the men are in good spirits now, they are more than likely bored down there. Since they can receive supplies from the surface, what better way to save their minds than to send down a few PSPs?

The best estimates put the rescue of the miners at a solid four months away, around Christmas time or thereabouts. Food and toiletries were among the first things sent down to the men in airtight cups, but now that they have regular contact with the surface, they can afford some luxuries. Along with a fresh supply of running water and access to electricity, the disheartened men have been given PSPs to pass the time. Hopefully they will stagger their use of the charging the batteries, because they have at least four months before they will see the light of day.

It brings up the age old question, but with a little twist. If you were trapped in a mine for months with people that you work with, what games would you want to bring with you? My vote is for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Why? Not only is it a great game, but they have an ample supply of people to play multiplayer! Let us know your choice in the comments below.