Take-Two Doesn’t Need Grand Theft Auto

Take-Two produces this little video game series, Grand Theft Auto. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Well, whenever that series has a new entry release, the company’s earnings are typically much higher than non-GTA release years. But it looks like Red Dead Redemption helped to shatter that routine with some very impressive sales figures.

According to a recently-released financial report, Take-Two revealed that “net revenue for the third fiscal quarter was $354.1 million, a sharp increase compared to $94.9 million reported for the same quarter of fiscal 2009.” The company attributed this substantial growth primarily due to Red Dead Redemption, which has so far sold “more than 6.9 million units worldwide” since it was released this May. Digital content was also praised, with a statement in the report that DLC contributed significantly to sales as well (though exact figures were not given).

Ben Feder, CEO of Take-Two, expressed his satisfaction in the company performing so well without simply coasting off of GTA’s success:

“First, we expect to be profitable in a fiscal year without a major multi-platform Grand Theft Auto release. Second, Take-Two’s broad array of hit franchises highlights our ability to deliver a diverse product line. Third, Red Dead Redemption has shown that our creative teams can produce multiple mega-hit franchises.”

Take-Two has never been a one-trick pony, of course, with the company owning the studios behind the 2K Sports line of games as well as BioShock. What non-GTA game of Take-Two’s has you the most excited? Recently-released Mafia II? Upcoming titles like NBA 2K11, or Sid Meier’s Civilization V? BioShock Infinite, or something even further down the line (such as L.A. Noire)? Let us know below!