PlayStation Network Gets a Bad Case of the Worms

Forget cockroaches! If it does turn out that World War 3 ends in nuclear holocaust, it’ll be these unstoppable critters that will be left to inhabit the Earth, and they will still be up to their old tricks: battling valiantly and tirelessly for newly resurfaced world domination.

The folks over at Team 17 have confirmed via their Facebook page that Worms 2 Armageddon, based on the jarring expectations of events to come, will be hitting the PlayStation Network this week in Europe. They didn’t have any comment to make about pricing or when the game would see a US release.

Looks like it’s time for them worms to start rallying up the troops. Best get into hiding; you get the food and water, I’ll make sure our bunker has an ample supply of exploding cattle and concrete donkeys.