Move Creator Envisions His Ideal Motion Game

Dr Richard Marks, creator behind Sony’s upcoming Move controller, has always denied that the team’s new motion controller would just provide a casual experience. Unlike Marks’ last outing, the Eyetoy — which was a more mini-game oriented affair — Marks is confident that PlayStation Move will usher in more “gamers'” games, and not just “everyone and their dogs” games.

And it seems like Dr. Marks has a brutal game in mind to showcase the Move’s more gritty game applications. Think zombies crossed with The Force, and a liberal dose of fisty cuffs.

“The game I want to see the most [with Move] is one where I’m standing up and a whole horde of zombies are attacking me,” he said. “I have in one hand the ability to pick them up and throw them at each other with some kind of levitation force, and in the other hand I have a weapon, an axe, a sword – I can choose what I want.”I can throw it at them, pull them towards me and chop their heads off, I can switch to a fireball spell and affect an area like that. I want to feel like that when I’m controlling. We’ve seen that kind of capability, it takes some work to build that into a game, of course, but that’s what I want to play.”

Manhunt 2, eat your heart out… Not literally of course, they couldn’t possibly think of doing that; wouldn’t want to step on Saw’s turf now would we?