War for Cybertron DLC Transforms and Rolls Out

Is Zeta Prime a better leader than Optimus Prime? Blasphemy I say; how could one think such a thought? In the latest DLC now available now for Transformers: War for Cybertron, Activision gives you a chance to see Optimus’ predecessor in action; and decide for yourself – along with a few other items to help keep you firmly entrenched in the war.

Two new playable characters are available in the four-player co-op Escalation mode: Autobot Zeta Prime and Decepticon Dead End. Included within the pack is five new maps available in both the Escalation, and competitive multiplayer modes: Pulse, Static, Horizon, Sector and Metropolis. Chassis’s for both Zeta Prime and Dead End will be available as additions in the create a character section of the game as well.

If you’re fan of the one best Transformers games to come out in years –perhaps since Transformers Armada on the PS2 —  then pick up the pack now on the PSN