Sony Europe Launching New Move Ad Campaign

Since the release of the PlayStation 3, Sony has constantly been criticized for its lack of effective advertising. As of late, however, it would almost appear as if the marketing team at Sony Computer Entertainment has been putting in overtime considering the great strides they have made in terms of getting their word across with the Kevin Butler campaign. It appears the corporation’s efforts have paid off with a new marketing push in store for European consumers.

Sony has revealed plans to spend a sum of £750,000 (about $1.2 million) on a new marketing push to promote the PlayStation Move. This push however focuses its attention on campaigning the upcoming motion control peripheral post-release to get the word out to families in the form of demonstrations during a supermarket tour, adverts throughout TV shows such as Big Brother, X-Factor, and Premier League soccer games. According to UK marketing manager, Adam Boita

“It is about creating that massive event spike during the launch week, pushing it out to new audiences and continuing on last year’s ‘The Game Is Just The Start’ campaign.”

The £750,000 total only accounts for the first week after Move’s release. After week one, the platform holder plans to continue its marketing effort throughout the holiday season all the way to Christmas. The final advertising figure will reach a grand total of over £2 million.