Exclusive Betas Incoming For PlayStation Plus; But You Might Not Get Any

One of the most enticing features of Sony’s premium PlayStation Network service, PlayStation Plus, was the promise of exclusive betas for subscribers. While the free games and special deals offered by the service are certainly nothing to sneeze at, the chance of getting access to a game before anyone else has spurred many gamers to become PlayStation Plus members. Sony has now given the first details on the upcoming betas, with more to follow soon.

Over on the US PlayStation Blog Lex Scheuble PSN Marketing Manager said:

“Many game betas are done to test certain parts of a game or certain functionality (like previous game add-on integration) so that when the final version of the game launches, it’s the best it can be. Oftentimes, betas are extremely limited as well. We need to ensure that members of Plus meet that individual beta’s requirement to be issued an exclusive invite.

There are two betas for PlayStation Plus members coming up shortly and more details will be announced soon.”

However, surprisingly, not all PlayStation Plus subscribers will be eligible for some of the upcoming betas.

“Betas have limited invites and based on selection criteria not every PlayStation Plus member will get access to every beta; however, we’re working with game developers to make qualified PlayStation Plus members the first to gain access.”

Scheuble later responded to a reader’s comment which asked what sort of qualification permits PlayStation Plus members access to certain betas:

“Hard to explain as they are different for every game, but more details are coming soon on the upcoming betas, so stay tuned.”

One of the betas members can definitely look forward to is the recently announced PSN title Red Faction: Battlegrounds, and codes should be sent to emails in due course. What betas would you like to see Sony bring in for PlayStation Plus subscribers? Perhaps the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood beta and maybe the LittleBigPlanet 2 beta? Let us know via the comments section below.