Black Ops Headshots Co-Op Campaign

Remember the great times you’ve had with your buddies playing through the Nazi torn streets in Berlin, or the grassy fields of Japan, which were full of enemies ready to send you to the grave? Well Treyarch has revealed that their upcoming installment in the esteemed Call of Duty franchise will not feature the beloved co-op campaign option that we saw in their previous installment, World at War.

On the other hand, Treyarch will be implementing a new element to online multiplayer to substitute for the removal of the campaign co-op element. Black Ops executive producer Dan Suarez has confirmed during a interview that the next edition in the outstanding FPS shooter franchise will be the first to innovate split screen online multiplayer. Suarez revealed:

“[Black Ops will have] split screen on the combat training mode and on MP (multiplayer) [for two players]”

Due to this there will be “no campaign co-op this year.” claims Suarez. So lets hope that the Santa Monica studio decides to later on include a co-op campaign via patch, or special DLC. Either way I’m extremely happy that they decided to include this great new feature, now you can play with others online and not need two PlayStation 3s.

As you already may know, Treyarch has also introduced new match modes know as “Wager Matches” and “CoD Points” which makes the wait for November 9th more unbearable.