CoD: Black Ops Multiplayer Trailer

Activision has their hands full showing off the newest edition in the legendary CoD series to a lucky select  few and have revealed some juicy information about the multiplayer.

First on the list is a new offline training mode appropriately named ‘Combat Training’  in which players can play against bots or with friends. According to Activision, 30 % of CoD players never make the transition over to the online competitive mode, I’m guessing it has something to do with those 12 year olds screaming into their mics unfortunately I have been wrong before.

Another new feature is the ‘Create A Class’, where your allowed to edit your characters appearances to that which suits you best. However the main outfit will rely on your first perk, so if you equip the ‘Ghost’ perk, you will be fitted with a ghille outfit. This is different from Modern Warfare 2 where your outfit corresponded with your primary weapon. To top this off your clan tag will be embed onto the weapon your using, that’s pretty sweet if I do say so myself. But it doesn’t end there, you can customize your face paint and cross-hairs to a variety of colors and symbols, aswell as logos similar to that on Halo 3.

Black Ops care packages will now host rare weapons, which of course can be obtained only via the care package, like dropping a care package on an enemy wasn’t fun enough now you shred the competition to bits with a terminator type machine gun known as ‘Death Machine’ and a fast-firing rocket launcher called ‘Grim Reaper’. Oh and did we mention you can take full control of a attack helicopter? Just be wary of those SAM launchers that can knock you out of the sky.

One of the major changes that will be implemented is ‘COD Points’ (or CD), which you will acquire through online progression and can use to purchase abilities which before where gained through XP. What this means is that you don’t have to be a specific level to unlock certain weapons like in previous CoD titles. You can now also gamble your CD points in ‘Contracts’ (time limited challenges) which reward you with either XP or CD or even both, and in four separate match modes know as ‘Wager Matches’. In these wager matches you put up your CD against other players, and the top three players glean the rewards. Below is a list of the Wager Modes.

  • One in the Chamber-Pistol only, three lives and only one bullet, in spite of this if you kill some one you will then gain one bullet.
  • Sticks and Stones – Crossbow, ballistic knife and a tomahawk. You will have to watch your back because if you get killed by a tomahawk you will go bankrupt.
  • Gun Game – Start of with a pistol and every kill you progress to a higher weapon, first to reach weapon/kill 20 wins, though if you get killed by a knife you will drop one weapon class down. This idea came from the community claims Treyarch, but Gun Game has first appeared on Counter-Strike, a PC arcade shooter.
  • Sharp Shooter – Everyone starts off with the same random weapon, and with each kill you earn a perk and then finally a multiplyer, anyhow after a set amount of time the weapons change and the process starts all over.

I’ll admit this game looks impressive and could top off previous CoD games, the Pre-Orders are already proving this point but I’m a avid CoD fan and have high hopes for Treyarch as I loved CoD: World At War.

Below you can view a video showcasing the ‘Wager Matches’.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is set to blow up stores on November 9th in the U.S.