Call of Duty Black Ops 6

Call of Duty 2024 Reportedly Returns to Black Ops

The 2024 installment of Call of Duty will return to the Black Ops franchise according to the latest reports. Developer Treyarch currently refers to Call of Duty Black Ops 6 using a number of internal titles, but it’s believed the game’s official name is yet to be decided.

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 may focus on the Gulf War

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 will supposedly focus on the Gulf War according to Windows Central, who spoke to multiple sources familiar with Activision’s plans. The game will tell a “nuanced narrative” from the point of view of the CIA, and focus on the “West’s more shadowy military dealings in global conflict scenarios.”

The reports claim the story will feature a variety of different participants, and will explore the consequences of some decisions made towards the end of the Cold War.

The gameplay is expected to feature more traditional military technology rather than the futuristic gadgets featured in Modern Warfare III. There has been criticism over the short length of the MW3 campaign, which was supposedly the result of an extremely short development time. On the contrary, Black Ops 6 will have the longest development time for any Treyarch-led Call of Duty game.

The reports also suggest that Zombies mode will return in Black Ops 6, although its format is unknown. Previous rumors and data leaks have also suggested that classic Black Ops multiplayer maps will be included in the game, such as WMD from Call of Duty: Black Ops and Grind from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This is a move that has proved popular for MW3, which has included remastered Modern Warfare 2 maps at launch.

Finally, rumors also claim the upcoming game will have a “large pre-order early access bonus” which includes “several days for the base game, and maybe even weeks for access to other modes.”

The game is expected to slot into its usual late fall release window.