Heavy Rain Move Edition Launch Date Revealed; Demo Announced

Sony’s launch line up for PlayStation Move is far from impressive, with only Sports Champions and Start the Party providing any modicum of interest. Fairly slim pickings for the core crowd, but the good news is that you don’t have to wait too long to get your first taste of a compelling Move experience; Heavy Rain’s Move patch will be launching sooner than expected (and please bear with us, this can get a little confusing.)

For original owners of Heavy Rain, the game will be patched with Move support on Wednesday September 22nd. There will also be a demo of the game with Move controls releasing the following week on September 28th in North America, to whet your appetite if you haven’t already purchased the game. The demo will include two early levels: Sleazy Place (where you first meet the innocuous Lauren Winter) and Crime Scene (where you get to be all CSI by the train tracks.)

PAL owners of Heavy Rain will receive the patch on the same date but the demo will be releasing two weeks earlier on September 15th (i.e., in 2 days time.) Heavy Rain Move Edition, the retail release, will be launching on the 8th of October in UK and Ireland, 7th of October in Australia and New Zealand and the rest of the PAL territories on the 6th of October.

Still following? Good. Heavy Rain Move Edition (retail) will also feature some added content that isn’t available on the original disc. The Move Edition will include the DLC (The Taxidermist Scene), 3 dynamic themes for the main menu, the full game soundtrack and 45 minutes of added ‘Making Of’ videos. All of the above, apart from the behind the scenes videos, are already available online.

Right, hope you got all that. Looks like we’ll be pressing-X-to-Jason with added waggle in the not too distant future, and we’ll have impressions up shortly after release.

[NA Source/PAL Source]