Open Pstore to Inject Homebrew into the PS3

The PlayStation 3’s XrossMediaBar has slowly but surely evolved into something that many PlayStation fans are proud of. The recent addition of video editing and image viewing tools have given the PS3’s media capabilities an extra boost. However, many users are still craving more options from the system and for that there is the newly-announced homebrew project.

A group of programmers over at the demonhades forum have been hard at work on a homebrew store for the PlayStation 3 called Open PStore. Similar to Preware and the Wii Homebrew Browser, the application is said to allow legal user-created content to be downloaded for free to enhance the PlayStation experience. For PS3 owners incapable of accessing the internet there is also a PC version which will allow users to download applications then install them using a USB device.

Whether or not the applications will be worth downloading is completely up to whether or not users put in the time to develop quality software. Of course, this is assuming Sony does nothing to prevent homebrew from existing on the PS3. At any rate, some extra customization and additions would be a nice option, so if you’re interested feel free to head over to and have a look for yourself.