Sonic Adventure HD Spin Dashing Onto PSN Next Week

Ever since Sega announced that they would be releasing Dreamcast classics on the PlayStation Network, adopters of Sega’s powerful little box have been ecstatic. Last week, Sonic Adventure HD was released on XBL, with no set release date for the PSN. Well, we have you covered.

Sega has, somewhat officially, announced the PSN release date for Sonic Adventure HD in their Twitter feed.

“SA1 on PSN, I’m told thats not today but the 22nd Sept.”

September 22nd (or 21st in North America), is the day that you can look forward to, to get your hands on a true Sonic classic, redone in HD. Based on initial reviews, it looks like the game is essentially identical to its Dreamcast counterpart. Now if we can only get confirmed dates for Crazy Taxi, Jet Grind Radio and others… For all the latest news on the Dreamcast’s foray onto the PlayStation Network, be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle!