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Dev Claims They Have a PSP2 in The House, “It’s Pretty Powerful”

Well, we are as surprised as you are. For months PSP2 rumors have been circulating the web, but nothing as solid as this: from out of nowhere Shaun Himmerick, executive producer on the new Mortal Kombat title seemingly confirmed a PSP successor.

IndustryGamers asked the developer if the new Mortal Kombat game would feature for the PSP. Himmerick replied

“We’re not launching day one on all consoles like that. We are looking at them; we have a PSP2 in the house and we’re looking at the engine, like what can it support. Always a big thing for us is the performance. We’re running at 60 fps, what can we do and do we have to build all the art assets over. We’re definitely looking at them. PSP2 looks like it’s a pretty powerful machine. We don’t have a 3DS system in house yet, but we’re looking to get one, and we’ll certainly look at what its power is.”

Wait, what? I know, we are thinking the same thing too. With Sony being so confident that the PSP has years left in the market, this is certainly a surprise if true. Sony responded to CVG:

“We haven’t announced any news on PSP.”

So, PSP2 apparently exists. It’s powerful. It’s in developers hands. It’s sexy. The latter is speculation.