No Move Support for Flower Anytime Soon

While thatgamecompany’s PSN hits flOw and Flower have been some of the best examples of motion control on the PlayStation 3, you shouldn’t be holding out for any retrofitting of their games for Sony’s “official” motion controller.

If you are an early adopter of the Move, you probably were looking into what games you already owned that have or will soon receive a patch for motion gaming. Simple to check, they have lists for that sorts of thing. I don’t think I’ve seen a game better suited for a PlayStation Move patch than the PSN favorite Flower, and apparently most people think the same. Flower has appeared on lists across the Internet for having Move support, but with no confirmation. I even planned on playing Flower this afternoon with my currently charging Move controller, Twitter allowed me to finally answer this question once and for all. I asked @thatgamecompany straight up, Will flower have Move support? I got an unfortunate answer:

@Taggart451 I think somewhere Flower was on a list for Move, though we were never asked to confirm. No plans for it right now.

I guess this was just one rumor that no one bothered to check. At least we have some official confirmation now. You’ll surely hear from PlayStation LifeStyle if thatgamecompany’s next title, Journey, will have Move support since it hasn’t been talked about yet.